Aroma 360 Mini-Diffuser "Mini360 SL"

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Aroma360's Premiere Waterless Diffuser Scents up to 400 square feet with ease and efficiency.

Begin your scenting journey with the easy-to-use Mini360 SL. Sleek and compact, this waterless, heatless scent diffuser features plug-and-play portability and the ability to change scents easily.

This type of advanced atomization technology is also residue free and safe for pets, children, and furniture. 

  • Scents up to 400 square feet
  • 3.25" width x 11.25" height
  • Compatible with 50mL &120mL bottles.
  • Includes remote control for scent density and mist schedule
  • Heatless & waterless atomizer technology preserves the structural integrity of fragrance oils
  • Dry mist leaves no residue
  • Safe for pets, children, and furniture

 Carried proudly by Bunker 27 with our friends at Aroma360