Flying Tigers 23rd Fighter Group Jacket A-2 Flight


This A-2 flight jacket was absorbed into the Army Air Force on July 4th 1942, the 23rd Fighter Group was the official new name for the AVG, but kept their nom de gar ‰ÛÏThe Flying Tigers‰۝. The 23rd Fighter Group wore this authentic replica A-2 flight jacket a relic of American bravery in WWII, the 23rd Fighter Group jacket is perfected in its authenticity down to the officer I.D. card in the lining. Decorated with an original Flying Tiger 23rd Fighter group emblem on the front, an antique silver thread bullion China Burma India patch on the left sleeve, the Flying Tigers 14th Air Force bullion badge on the right shoulder sleeve and featuring an authentic China Burma India Leather appliqu̩ blood chit on the back, this particular A-2 jacket is studded with history.åÊ

  • Military & Veteran Discount
  • Crafted from 100% American horsehide to vintage military sizing specification, the cut is snug therefore a larger size is recommended for a looser fit.
  • Brand: Cockpit USA

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