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    US Army Engineers

    Armed with smarts and explosives and a general apathy towards standing structures that they didn't themselves build. The Army Engineers will fix, build, and 100% blow something to kingdom come given the opportunity. Do you think an engineer in the civilian world is a guy behind a desk designing a thingamajig, doohickey, or a whatchamacallit? You'd be correct, but in the US ARMY, they do something sort of similar but achieved with pure grunt magic the likes Gunny would praise the Moon unto Neptune till' sunrise, and utilize enough detcord to measure an Olympic swimming pool...for giants. When God invented Doors, the Army Engineer took it personally and professionally puts said doors and sometimes the guys behind them into early retirement in the ethereal plane. 

    Building bridges or burning, detonating, evaporating, dismantling you name it, the Army Engineers can do it with a smile on their face watching said thing go bye-bye forever into the horizon. Ladies Gentlemen and the like,

    The ENG's
    • Officially Licensed product of the U.S. Army
    • 60% ring-spun combed cotton / 40% poly
    • High quality screen printing
    • Double stitched