Ace of Spades - Death Dealers

Olive Drab
Ace of Spades - Death Dealers

Whether it's up your sleeve or on your helmet, luck isn't fairing your way. We all know the tried and true, the Ace with the mostest, the Ace of Spades. Since the French popularized card playing, the Ace of Spades has been there with the other not-as-cool 51 other cards. However, not only an admittedly cool icon of the gambling world, is it's meaning as a certain marker of death.

Yes, that is correct, playing and calling cards both. The Ace of Spades signified good luck, and fresh beginnings or when found on a cadaver, it means that it was personal. Or perhaps we at Bunker 27 misunderstand the history books entirely. Either way, time has let it be known the Ace of Spades is lucky, iconic, and certainly the most awesome of suits and cards.
  • 60% ring-spun combed cotton / 40% poly
  • High quality screen printing
  • Double stitched