Big Red One Army

Military Green
Coyote Brown

US Army, 1st Infantry Division

Her Majesty, the Queen of Battle, the Infantry.

So many and liken so few can become the Queens of Battle themselves, a grunt forever until their demise the infantry is a special breed of a fighting force. The ones who en masse wave their loved ones goodbye, stare the enemy in the eye, and lay down their lives. Few can claim to be the first, but the Big Red One is the first of many infantry divisions in the United States with accolades beyond civilian understanding.

Founded and tempered in the mud, gas, and trenches of the Great War, our first infantry division was founded in 1917, while late to arrive in Europe, the Big Red One saw its share of bloodshed and horrific casualties. In the dreaded sequel, World War Two, our Bloody First would liberate Tunisia (a french colony), then land upon the beaches of Sicily, return to Great Britain and partake in a harder landing at D-Day, on Normandy Beach. Thousands have died carrying the mantra of the 1st Infantry division, thousands have served proudly bearing the Big Red One on their sleeve, and hundreds of thousands respect these soldiers for their ultimate sacrifice. Here at Bunker 27, we recognize this great substantial honor. And with a heavy heart, we remember their motto and creed.

"No Mission Too Difficult, No Sacrifice Too Great. Duty First!" -1st Infantry Division, United States Army.
  • Officially Licensed product of the U.S. Army
  • 60% ring-spun combed cotton / 40% poly
  • High quality screen printing
  • Double stitched