Jolly Rogers - F/A F-18F Fear the Bones

Sky Pirates.
No, Seriously these pilots in this jet not only plunder countries via air-to-surface high explosive explodey missiles, but they also plunder lives from well...existing. Befitting of the U.S. Navy, which has a track record of making enemy ships into lackluster submarines, the Navy pilots who pilot the F-18F have a buy-one-get-ten-off special on coffins hell, they have a commission on every sale of a pine box that goes in the dirt, if there's that much of the bad guy left.
These are the sky pirates, here to plunder the clouds, the ground, that bad guy who thought he could be safe behind a car, that was behind a house, next to a wall behind another bad guy.
Fear the Bones, for you are not safe, only safer.
  • Officially Licensed Product of U.S. Navy
  • 60% ring-spun combed premium cotton / 40% poly
  • Fabric laundered/preshrunk
  • Super soft and comfy
  • Great fit
  • High-quality screen printing
  • Double stitched