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Land Of The Free

Heather Gray
Since we declared it on August 2nd, 1776, signed and faxed via wooden ship to George the Third, the United States of America has been the Land of the Free. Free from tyranny, British domination, and sadly not over-taxation...Our people remain free, to live their lives according to their own means. 

Displayed on the back is our country's coat of arms, decorated with a bald eagle, (despite not being bald). Grasping the olive branch of peace and the arrows of mess about and find out. And a small piece of our motto at Bunker 27 and a statement that reigns true to fact, that we are free Because of the Brave, yes the sacrifice of the brave and bold men and women for our country so that we may remain free for centuries more. 

That we are free because we chose to be free, that many have died so we may be free. And that we shall live free.

The Land of the Free, because of the Brave.
  • 60% ring-spun combed cotton / 40% poly
  • High-quality screen printing
  • Double stitched