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  • Medic

    Coyote Brown
    The Lord Giveth the Medic Saveth and sometimes also Taketh thou Life away. Taking the most hypocritical of hypocritic oaths the Medic has two primary duties, keeping the injured from dying before they see the surgeon and protecting the injured by creating some enemy injured and statistics. These men and women hate our statistics and hate their brothers and sisters becoming one. This is why Doc goes to life and limb to ensure that their brothers keep their lives and/or limbs. With enough painkillers to make someone taste sound, and hear colors and that tree definitely has legs and is doing the boogie.
    Plenty of blood and plasma to commit some serious fraud at a donor site and enough tourniquets to cut off...all blood supply ever. And a PDW to make sure nobody is bothering them when they decide to use their arsenal of healthcare before rendering the arsenal of un-healthcare.
    A Coin of two sides, the Medic, Doc, the support role, and angel of the battlefield is always taken with extreme care. From reminding troops to change their socks, to actively stopping them from seeing the light. The Medics do it all.
    and always,
    Remember to thank your Medics!
    • 60% ring-spun combed cotton / 40% poly
    • High-quality screen printing
    • Double stitched