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  • R.E.D.

    Remember Everyone Deployed.
    Whether to another state, an allied country, a territory overseas, or a terrible conflict halfway across the globe, our military members, our armed servicemen, and women must go to a place unfamiliar, foreign, and unknown. Some come back to open arms, warm food, and cheerful times others, a broken bond, promise, and uncertainty, and some, never at all. 
    R.E.D. stands for Remember. Everyone. Deployed. Because it's a statement known to many that eventually, everyone passes on, but they're never dead so long as they're remembered. Nobody is ever gone so long as they are not forgotten. A soldier, airman, marine, coastguardsman, or sailor that comes home has seen things he cannot describe to his own loved ones, for they will not understand him. A soldier, airman, marine, coastguardsman, or sailor who is left on the street has seen things he cannot explain, and still, nobody will understand his struggle. A soldier, airman, marine, coastguardsman, or sailor who does not come home, will never be understood as he can no longer speak.

    Many servicemen have seen things, come home, left on the street, or not at all. Entire generations have been overseas fighting the good fight, protecting our allies and interests, and they if not anything deserve to be remembered.
    We at Bunker 27 invite everyone to remember with us, their noble, necessary, and numerous sacrifices. 
    • 60% ring-spun combed cotton / 40% poly
    • High quality screen printing
    • Double stitched